Adam is frequently asked to speak at conferences and retreats. As part of preparation for his presentations he will often write an article and post it to The Stewardship Sentinel. Adam generally speaks on the following topics and you can find links below each topic that will take you to articles that Adam has spoken about in the past year.

Your event is important and your audience is unique. One of Adam's goals is to focus the conversation to meet the needs of your listeners. If one of these topics is right for your event you can reach out to Adam about speaking by sending a message here.

Charitable Planning
DEFEATING THE TAX MONSTER: Funding Goals and a Legacy of Giving with Business Interest and Appreciated Assets

The “Cash Only” Giver

Thinking Like a Couponer to Magnify Charitable Giving

Inching Closer to Contentment

Financial Planning
Downsize Your Stuff & Upsize Your Relationships

Questions That Lead To Security: Your net worth will never be enough, but His already is.

The Deceitfulness of Wealth and the Impact of Generous Giving

Raising God Honoring Families
The Deceitfulness of Wealth – Breaking Free From the Financial Trap

A View from the Empty Nest: A recipe for raising Godly leaders. 

Stewardship & Impact
Running Amuck on God’s Ranch

From Barn Filling to Barn Raising: A biblical perspective on stewardship and giving.

Your Capacity Is More Than Money!

A Life Changing Inheritance

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