Dec 20, 2013

Money Makes Us Mean...But Small Nudges Can Change Everything

This video was excellent!  Paul Piff talks about his studies as his team pondered the question, “Does money make you mean?”

These comments really struck me:  

“What we’ve been finding across dozens of studies and thousands of participants across this country is that as a person’s levels of wealth increase, their feelings of compassion and empathy go down, and their feelings of entitlement and deservingness and their ideology of self interest increases.” 

“We are finding that the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to pursue a vision of personal success of achievement and accomplishment to the detriment of others.”

At the end of the video Paul shares hope. He says: 

“We have been finding in our own laboratory research that small, small psychological interventions, small changes to peoples' values, small nudges in certain directions, can restore levels of egalitarianism and empathy.” 

The most read article from The Stewardship Sentinel  in 2013 had a similar topic: The Deceitfulness of Wealth – Breaking Free From the Financial Trap.  It has been a blessing to look for reminders, nudges on stewardship and generosity, and to share those here.  

A challenge: 

This holiday season, look for opportunities to nudge yourself and others toward generosity.  Pass along videos on generosity, (the videos here and here are great) help someone in need or pick up the tab at dinner.  Don’t get too wrapped up in possessions to have compassion.  Don’t let money make you mean.
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