Mar 15, 2013

Friday Flash Mob & a Friend to Follow

A few weeks ago I was blessed to spend some time in Washington State. A group called Generous Giving invited me to come and spend some time with folks who have hosted Journey of Generosity events in the past. The room was full of folks who have taken their role as stewards seriously and spend time inviting others into that life that is truly life.

Randy Alcorn, the author of The Treasure Principle, which I have mentionedbefore, spent a bit of time teaching. It was a blessing to learn from folks that really feel called to God's commandment of stewardship.

Today I bumped into this video that Randy Alcorn posted on his blog. (If youhaven't checked his site out, you should follow along with him here.) Not really stewardship related, but what a beautiful gift that these musicians gave to this community and to the world through YouTube.

What talent could you share with the world today?
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