Mar 28, 2013

10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Feeling Broke - Allison Vesterfelt

I bumped into this article from Allison Vesterfelt. She and her husband are planting a church in West Palm Beach. Allison is the author of a book Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life With Less Baggage. I thought she shared some wonderful reasons to be thankful for being broke. You can read more on her blog and subscribe here. 
I’ve been worrying about money a lot lately. It’s probably unwarranted, given the fact that I have all of my basic needs met, and haven’t missed a meal, well, ever — but when I look around my life I can’t help but see a few things I need, and even more things I want, and it makes me feel frustrated that I can’t afford to buy any of them.

I use the word “broke” really intentionally. We’re not poor. We’re just in one of those seasons where things seem extra tight, and we feel extra frustrated by the lack of freedom we have financially.
But the more I obsess over it, the more I realized that living with less is actually a blessing. Here’s why.

1. It grows my creativity

When resources are limited, I have to get creative. I believe this creativity is not disconnected from my artistic creativity. My husband and I have been searching old warehouses for useful materials, making a coffee table from an old elevator pulley. We’re also working on crafting a bed frame out of salvaged wood pallets, building a bookshelf, and refinishing a dresser we found at a thrift store.

Read the rest of Allison's article here.
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