Feb 1, 2013

Running in a Sweater Vest, Calling Retirement's Bluff & Living The Integrated Life

Remember that movie Chariots of Fire? I saw a few clips the other day and I was first struck by the fact that these athletes were training for the Olympics in argyle sweater vests. It would certainly save time to be able to just exercise right in my work outfit. Perhaps an argyle sweater vest would be the perfect, universal outfit. I am going to keep my eyes out for one.

The next thing that stood out in the clips was a comment from the main character, Eric Liddell. He says “I believe God made me for a purpose -- but He also made me fast --and when I run, I feel His pleasure.”
I wonder if Eric discovered God’s purpose for himself because he wasn’t wasting all kinds of time changing from his work clothes to his gym clothes. 
All joking aside, the busyness of our day and the competing demands seem to pull us in all directions. We do so much these days and we wear so many hats. In the midst of all of the busyness, can we fill in the blank? 
When I _________ I feel His pleasure. 
I’m really convinced that when we fill in the blank, the answer shouldn’t be all that far from our work or our play. We should be able to put our argyle running sweaters on to live out this purpose. Let me explain.
Too often I see folks who come into the office and suggest that they are working hard so that they can retire and do what they love. They are striving for some date down the road where their lives will finally make sense. They try to save more and pay off debt sooner so that they can retire earlier. They have compartmentalized their life.
I’d like to call retirement’s bluff.
True life doesn’t start at age 65, or with an early retirement. True life starts when we merge our personal life, our work life, and God’s calling. What can you do today that will make you, and the creator come alive. If you are one of those folks biding your time until retirement, STOP. Mix your purpose and your personal life with your work and begin living The Integrated Life. (For more on this, read the book The Integrated Life by Ken Eldred.)
Can you fill in the blank?
When I _________ I feel His pleasure.

Here are the running sweaters!
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