Jan 8, 2013

Wednesday in the Word: Work as Worship

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Matthew 28:19 

I can’t remember who pointed it out to me first, I think it was my pastor, but if you do a search on the best translation of this you will read that the chapter doesn’t just say GO.  Instead, the best translation of Christ’s words seems to be, “As you go, make disciples of all nations.” 

I really enjoy this work as worship video.  Too often I am guilty of keeping the sacred on Sunday and devoting the rest of the week to the secular.  I am excited to jump into a book study with folks from our community this week on the book, The Integrated Life: Experience the Powerful Advantage of Integrating Your Faith and Work.  You can read my review of this book here. 

Ask yourself:

Do I act differently on Sunday at church than I do at work on Monday?
Does God have a big plan for my ministry at my work?
Do I know anyone that works in a ‘secular’ job that works as if they are worshiping?
How could I worship more at work today and tomorrow?
How can you fill the great commission as you go?

If you haven’t read The Integrated Life by Ken Eldred it’s a good start on the subject.

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