Jan 22, 2013

28 Days of Generosity - We are off and running...wanna join us?

You may have read the post about our local project to promote generosity during the month of February. We invited a group of community members to dream about what could happen if we were to join together as a community for 28 days of generosity.  About 60 folks came together and decided the project was worth doing.  They shared their ideas for each day of the month and from hundreds of ideas we came up with these 28 things: 

1.      Share & Prepare for Generosity
2.      Give Something Away
3.      Phone a Friend
4.      Chivalry Day
5.      Give 5 to Your Favorite Cause
6.      Warm Wednesday
7.      Neighbor Day
8.      Furry Friend Friday
9.      Senior Citizen Saturday
10.  Take 10 Minutes
11.  Muscle Monday
12.  Talent Tuesday
13.  Baker’s Dozen Day
14.  Healthy Living Day
15.  Family Friday
16.  Small Person Saturday (Youth)
17.  Reach Beyond Our Community
18.  Thank a Leader
19.  Sweetness Day
20.  Give 20 Minutes
21.  Handwritten Note or Card Day
22.  Food Friday
23.  Snow Day Saturday
24.  Team Up With Others Day
25.  Secret Santa Day
26.  Book Day
27.  Simple Kindness
28.  Eat Out for Charity

A project like this could easily turn into a giant event-focused planning nightmare.  Our hope was to avoid that scenario at all costs.  We promised folks only two meetings.  The first meeting gave us our skeleton of the 28 days. At the second meeting we presented 10,000 business cards with the 28 days and a QR code that links back to the Facebook page and blog.  We forwarded the QR code, the logo and the schedule to everyone involved and they are running with it. The community has embraced this project and we have begun to see some amazing things happening:
  • Four local churches are taking the concept to their congregations.
  • A local Montessori school called Bright Beginnings has tweaked the calendar to fit the kids and they have shared a wonderful video on generosity as seen above.
  • Non-profits are running with the concept and taking it to their donors and to the families they serve.
  • The local school district is on board and Student Council at a few schools are running with it. We even got a message from students at a school in a neighboring community and they want to join in.
  • I am most excited about the involvement at my own home. This is going to be a great chance to emphasize the importance of giving with my children.
What could happen if you joined in?  Each day during the month of February I’ll share some ideas to get involved where you are.  You don’t have to be super wealthy.  In fact, you can participate with absolutely no money.  If a day doesn’t seem to fit, stretch the meaning a bit to make it work for you.

What could happen if we join together as a community for 28 days of generosity?

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