Sep 28, 2012

Stewardship of a Nation: Commentary from a CPA, John MacArthur and You

A CPA friend of mine was kind enough to forward this video over. The Chairman of the AICPA shares some accounting wisdom on our nation’s stewardship situation. I think I can sum it up in a few words. We are broke.

Our nation’s budget is similar to a family budget. We have overspent for too many years and now we have such a massive amount of debt that it seems overwhelming to repay it. A family only has a few options to fix the problem. Make more money or spend less. We will read more in the media this fall about “The Fiscal Cliff” and sequestration which will begin to lower debt and raise income. It will take years of hard decisions from the folks in Washington to fix our dire situation. In order to survive our nation will have to choose to raise tax revenue, cut expenses or both.

I enjoyed lunch today with the CPA that forwarded this video. We spent the first half of our lunch complaining about the problems and placing blame. About half way in we realized how cynical we sounded and we started to dream about solutions and to imagine where our country will be in the coming years. We dreamt about how to fix the problem, including divvying up the national debt and letting individuals choose to pay off their portion. We dreamed about the best case scenario and imagined what the worst case could look like. We talked about how to advise clients based on this situation and how we could work with others to make a difference in our community.

We have been a nation for 236 years. That is longer than most nations in history have existed. I listened to an excellent sermon on Daniel by John MacArthur on just this topic. I can’t recommend it highly enough. John talks about the fall of Babylon and Daniel’s faithfulness. He then relates it back to our nation’s situation.
John MacArthur - Divine Graffiti: The End of an Empire

Well, I enjoyed the lunch but I can't say we solved all of the world's problems.  So I'll put a few questions to you.

Imagine worst case. What if our nation went the way of Babylon, what would it look like to live a faithful life in the midst of an unfaithful and failing nation?

What would it take for our nation to heal and what part do you think God would have for you in making that happen?

How can you engage others in positive and proactive conversation that leads to Godly obedience in the stewardship of your community and our nation?
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