Jul 25, 2012

Wednesday in the Word: Money Sermon Marathon & Mowing in the Rain

We are thankful for the rain in Colorado as it is an answer to prayers in regards to the Colorado fires I wrote about here. However, it has made mowing my lawn quite a task. My grass has been wet on the days I’m free and dry on the days I’m gone. Last night I mounted my trusty riding mower in the rain for my three hour trek. I use to fill my time mowing with Dave Matthews and Josh Garrels but have recently turned to sermons by John MacArthur through his Grace To You App.

I’ll point you now to four of his sermons on 2 Corinthians 8 & 9. These chapters are rich with guidance for us on stewardship and give us guidance on how we should treat money. John MacArthur pours through the words of Paul and ties it in with scripture in a compelling way as he teaches about the Biblical View of Money. He walks listeners through a right attitude toward money.  He addresses how not to attain money, and how to attain money.

The Biblical View of Money - Part 1
The Biblical View of Money - Part 2
The Biblical View of Money - Part 3

The Biblical View of Money - Part 4
Not only is the content of these messages excellent, but I find myself laughing out loud often. My neighbors look at me like I am crazy as I mow speedy circles, dripping wet and laughing. I felt a little crazy. I followed these 6 tips from Purdue University before I fired up the mower. Between the downpour and this great message, it was pretty refreshing.
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