Jul 25, 2012

Wall Street and Washington Are Broken! How to change a nation.

Folks share really valid concerns with me about Washington and Wall Street. People come in on a regular basis and ask what assets will protect them if the market goes to zero. They ask if they should sell their assets to invest in gold and guns. Families who have saved all their lives are genuinely concerned, and for good reason. It is clear that there are major issues on Wall Street and the gridlock and seemingly unsolvable problems in Washington are frustrating to folks of every political viewpoint. It is as if the curtain has been pulled back on a broken financial system. We have the choice as Americans to close the curtain and pretend we didn’t see the fatal flaws, or to make massive changes.

I share this video because I think it has some beautiful relevance in our country today. Although the setting is far different from life in America, the result of generosity is the same throughout different cultures. These last few sentences from the video say it well:

“We once gave out of a sense of duty, but now are willing and count it a joy in our hearts, because it will make a great change in our community. And this message can work in every situation, in every country, because, surely, generosity is transformational. No longer waiting for outside relief, the grace of giving has replaced a welfare mentality and an entire town was rebuilt.”

Could it be possible that this same perspective could change our nation?

There is hope for our nation. There is abundance. What would happen if we claimed that abundance and began building communities together?

One woman in the video gave her only chicken to help rebuild the community. On her own she would have seemed crazy and her small gift would have been inconsequential, but because a community did what they could with what they had where they were, together, they changed their world.

What steps could you take that would be crazy, ridiculous and un-impactful by themselves? If everyone in your community took those steps, would it make a change?

How can you be the catalyst?
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