Jun 18, 2012

Writing Is Hard!!! Some Stewardship Authors and a Challenge

In a recent post I shared that I am working on a book.  It will focus on stewardship and generosity and will share God’s message calling us out of the World’s Economy and into God’s Economy (those are my buddy, Abe’s, words. Thanks, Abe.).  I wrote a rough draft of the back cover and posted it here, but after writing for a few weeks I realize that it will need a major overhaul.  Through the process I have realized one thing: WRITING IS HARD!

That said, I’d like to point you to a few resources from writers that I have stumbled upon.  These are authors who have published numerous books on Biblical stewardship. 

Randy Alcorn has written around 30 books, many of which relate to stewardship.  You can find more detail at his official site, Eternal Perspective Ministries.  I just ordered another pile of copies of the book, ­The Treasure Principle, which I mentioned in this post.  This is a book that I love giving out and folks frequently tell me that it changed their lives.  It is a relatively short read and keeps you interested.  I am currently reading Alcorn’s book entitled, Money, Possessions and Eternity. 

Craig Blomberg is an author and is a professor at Denver Seminary.  He has over 20 titles and is working on an untitled book on stewardship now.  Neither Poverty Nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Possessions is one of his titles devoted to stewardship.  I am also excited to read a book that he recently contributed to along with Ron Blue, Howard Dayton and many other authors.  The book is entitled Revolution in Generosity.  I ordered a copy of it today.  The website for this book gives a bit of detail and also has a list of resources, many of which are provided by Craig Blomberg.  Lastly, you can follow his blog through the Denver Seminary website here. 

It is amazing to see these folks who have written multiple books.  As I sit in the trenches on book number one, it feels impossible.  I have written about 16,000 words in the past few weeks thanks to some encouragement through a 15 day writer’s challenge by Jeff Goins.  My goal is to have 40,000 words on paper by July 29th, my birthday.  I’d love to have something published a year from then. 

A call to action: Take these steps in promoting stewardship today.

Step 1:  Pick up a book from one of these authors today.  Swing by the book store or order online.  Read it with those you care about and put the principles into action. 

Step 2:  Share your favorite stewardship resources with other readers of The Stewardship Sentinel by adding links and comments below.  What videos have moved you?  What books have pointed you in the right direction.  What life story can you share that will lead us along?

Hold Me Accountable:  I have been averaging about 2,500 words each time I sit down.  Feel free to encourage me and push me along.  If you are interested in joining me as I write the book, I am looking for a few folks to help me along in creating a great resource.  If you are inclined to read my working draft and share feedback, I’d be eternally grateful.  Fire an email my way or give me a ring. 

I'll hold myself accountable by updating you on my word count.  On the right hand side of the blog I'll post how many words I have written toward my goal of 40,000 by July 29th.  I need to come up with some sort of consequence if I don't reach that goal.  Ideas?
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