Jun 13, 2012

Wednesday in the Word - Handling Treasure by John MacArthur

When I was 13 years old, the church my family attended gave me a leather bound copy of The MacArthur Study Bible. I have enjoyed MacArthur's commentary and his sermons on the books of the Bible since. When I have travel time or down time I listen to the extensive list of available sermons using the Grace to You App.

Two weeks ago we dug into 1 Timothy 6. Today I am excited to share a pair of sermons focused on Handling Treasure from this chapter.

This passage is very specific about how we handle our money. These words were true when Paul wrote them, they were true in 1987 when these sermons were recorded and they are true today. What conclusions did you come up with about how you handle your treasure? As a challenge, is there one specific action step you can take this week based on this passage?
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