May 15, 2012

I Want To Give You My Favorite Books On Stewardship!

I have a problem.  All of my good books disappear.  I know folks who have an extensive library containing every book they have ever read.  My library is comprised of endless books that I haven’t finished.  When I start a book that doesn’t capture me, I shelve the book and move on.  When I read a book that I love, I can’t put it down.  I will burn through the book in a few days or on a plane and I will hand it out almost immediately.

On a recent trip I read a book by Ken Eldred called  The Integrated Life.  I had a few chapters left on the last leg of my flight home.  The gentleman next to me was a business owner from Wyoming and he asked what I was reading.  I told him about the book and he was intrigued.  He found a pen and began scribbling the name of the book.  I stopped him and just handed the thing over.  He read a chapter on the plane and said he was going to share it with his business partner and his small group.

I love giving away books.  Recently I have been sharing a few titles with clients and friends and I wanted to share them with you.  I went out and bought a pile of books that I want to send to readers.

Here are my favorite books this month:

This book was given to us at the Journey of Generosity.  A number of people have told me, "That book changed my life."  How can you not pass that on?

I have given numerous copies of this book out and share concepts from Ken Eldred regularly.  This one was life-giving for me.

Elisa spoke at a conference a year ago in Colorado Springs about this topic.  She helped to start MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).  The book is excellent.  I had Elisa sign a copy for a good friend of mine who loved the book and also shared it.  You will like this one.

My wife and I have three boys.  This book is written to dads about raising young men.  This book feels like a condensed version of Wild at Heart geared toward parenting.

Lastly, my business partner, Jim Elder, wrote a book a few years ago about stewarding your finances well.  I know the guy and this book will be signed by the author.

These books blessed me and I hope they will bless you too.  I have a pile of good books and like money burning a hole in my pocket, I have to get rid of them.  
I want to give you a book!  
If these books are of interest to you, then this blog may be worth reading as well.   
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On May 30th I'll pick five folks and get in touch with you about your new book.
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