May 2, 2012

From Scarcity to Abundance | The back cover of my book...that doesn't exist yet.

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you have figured out (and probably mentioned aloud to your spouse) that I am not the sharpest pencil in the desk.  However, I get to meet a lot of people who are way smarter than I am.  I can type faster than my wife, and she is pretty fast.  She would argue about this, but she has yet to beat me in our timed typing competitions. Yes, we actually do these.  We are cool like that.  Anyways, with these two powers combined--meeting people and typing sort of fast--I intend to write a book.  I feel compelled to do it.  

I invite you to subscribe and follow along with me as I blog a book for your enjoyment.  It will sort of feel like a train wreck in slow-mo, but I will do my best to make sure that you can't look away.  Please feel free to give feedback, to disagree, or to pass it along to others.

I tried to start with a list of chapters, but my brain didn't work that way.  I figured if the back cover could come out, the rest of the book couldn't be far behind.  Here is the synopsis.  Enjoy.

The American Dream is dead!  Too dramatic?  The American Dream has been beaten and bludgeoned beyond recognition.  The vision of prosperity seemed so attainable just a few years ago.  Bigger homes, nicer cars, luxurious services--we were living the high life.

Just as fast as the curtain draws back and a new scene in a play is revealed, something in the world shifted.  The first hint of brokenness gave way to chaos and fright.  Wall Street was broken, Washington was broken and Americans felt broke.

The happy American Dream with its fa├žade of wealth and luxury was found to be a hoax. The home was mortgaged to the hilt, the car was leased and the services were unaffordable and unsustainable.  The high life was just a bit too high, and we watched as it crashed back to Earth.  Our desire to be a rich nation, we American Dreamers, saw the luxury and felt a drive to grow our pile of stuff.  The stuff left us feeling happy for a moment, until it didn’t, but then other stuff made us feel happy.  When we ran out of money to buy more, we borrowed against the pile we had accumulated to meet our “needs.”  With a crazed look we couldn’t stop, and we watched as our pursuit of The Dream plunged us into ruin and destruction.  Now as we sit with the brokenness still fresh, we have a new mindset…one of scarcity.

We stand at a crossroads.  We can patch The Dream back up, rebuild its credit score, put some make-up on it and present it to the world as healed, working toward what we once had.  This is the answer we are getting from Washington and Wall Street, while we are left waiting in the wings to see if this will fix our problems.  As a financial planner, I should be telling you that it will.  “Have high hopes.  This is just a correction people!  Ride the bumps.  Buy low sell high.  REMAIN CALM!!!”

I can’t.  The problem is, while the curtain was pulled back, I was able to see the truth.  Over the course of hundreds of conversations with clients, other professionals and industry leaders, I found a brokenness that can’t be fixed the way you’d expect and I found the solution.  I found the key to abundance beyond what our country has seen; a solution that can fix our problems for a very long time.  The solution was right there staring at me, but it took new eyes to see it.

I’d like to invite you on a journey.  We will look at the American Dream together and dissect it.  Like ol’ scrooge in A Christmas Carole, we will look at its nasty, selfish past, and look ahead to a new, brighter future.  One that is able to make the old codger skip through the streets with a contagious hope and joy.

Individuals who have found this truth have found more enjoyment than they ever knew existed.  Investors who are chimed in to this message found that their financial goals are far more attainable than they ever expected.  In the midst of today’s scarcity mindset, folks charged with raising money for ministries and non-profits who grasped these principles have found a new confidence.  As they share these ideals, their donors find abundance and a capacity to be generous beyond their wildest dreams.

There will be a few unexpected twists and turns, and those whose eyes are still fixed on the old American Dream will have to squint quite severely to see it, but if you can grasp this, like others have, you will move From Scarcity to Abundance.
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