Apr 5, 2012

My Favorite RSS Feed: Michael Hyatt & Intentional Leadership

I LOVE MY RSS READER!!!  I really enjoy using Google Reader. It keeps me up to date and brings me information that is relevant so I don't have to go fetch it myself.  I throw away less paper, I stay more informed and I save money on subscriptions.

Be careful!!!  Once you notice the RSS button on pages you visit, it's easy to go a little crazy.  Thank goodness it is easy to unsubscribe.

As my reader matured, a few news sources and blogs rose to the top.  One of my recent favorites is Michael Hyatt's Intentional Leadership.  He posts frequently and shares encouraging and insightful messages on leadership.  In the past few months I have forwarded posts from this site to friends on a regular basis. Anything worth reading is worth sharing, eh?

One of my favorite recent posts is here: The Relationship Between Vision and Productivity.

Add this blog to your RSS and enjoy.  If you haven't got an RSS then you are in for a two-fer, now you can start your RSS and add his blog.  Better yet, a three-fer and you can add The Stewardship Sentinel as well.

Have fun!!!
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