Apr 11, 2012

Money and Marriage: A bit of fun and a smart friend.

This is a scene from the movie Fun with Dick and Jane. The couple is out of work and have reached new financial lows. The movie starts with one poor decision after another and we watch as their lives crumble around them, partially due to their complete lack of communication about money. In some cases you don't know whether to cringe or to laugh at their self-inflicted misfortune. They are selling their household items, finding any income they can, including being human test subjects for pharmaceuticals. The landscaping company even repossesses their yard. For Dick (played by Jim Carey) this is the last straw.

We see Dick in this scene reclaiming his yard. From this moment, the couple begins to work together on their finances, although their path is a bit misguided. 

I can’t tell you how often we see miscommunication in marriage causing struggles. Often this miscommunication shows its face in family finances. This is such an issue that professionals specialize in this issue specifically. 

Enter my friend Nia Davenport! She is a CPA and she focuses on communication as she walks along side couples in their journey to financial-togetherness. She knows the truth about life and money and is certainly qualified to walk the path with families. She is also an author. Check out her blog: Freedom from Financial Friction. You will appreciate her insight and inspiration to make money and marriage a winning mix. If you are married, you should read her stuff. You can subscribe right on her blog.
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