Apr 5, 2012

"For God so loved... He gave." Journey of Generosity

While at a conference, I heard about an organization called Generous Giving whose vision is "Transforming the hearts and minds of God's people for revolutionary generosity that changes our world."

In the brief moment they had to speak, they shared details on an event that can happen in your local community with the purpose of digging into the Bible and looking at what it says about generosity.  The event isn't a pitch; it's all about the participants and their own Journey of Generosity.

It sounded like an amazing retreat and something we wanted to participate in.  There weren't any local events slated so we decided to host one here on the Western Slope at Gateway Canyons Resort. My wife and I are excited about time with each other and with friends.

As we invited folks to the event, I was surprised at the responses.  A few had heard of the event and were excited to participate.  Others poured out their hearts about their own journey of generosity, or the impact someone else's generosity had made on their lives.

Have you been through a Journey of Generosity. I'd love to hear your story.

"For God so loved... He gave." John 3:16
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