Apr 24, 2012

The Bible in Every Language & Free Coffee in Montrose, Colorado

I am pretty excited to see a new friend from Wycliffe BibleTranslators. I mentioned Wycliffe recently in this post. They are doing some great work and using technology to take the Bible to every language on earth. They estimate that there are roughly 2,000 languages that still need a bible translation program. Wycliffe has adopted Vision 2025—an initiative to see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025.

Nick Wolverton will be in Montrose this Friday to talk a bit about the process of translation. He was the former assistant to the president of Wycliffe and now gets to enjoy telling folks about how cool their work is. He will address how technology has exponentially changed that process. Nick will also discuss the reasoning for this ministry and the implications from scripture.

If you are around, you should join us. I’ll buy you a cup of house coffee for showing up.  

Who: Wycliffe Bible Translators – Taking the Bible to all nations.
Where: Great Harvest Bread Co. – Main Street Montrose, CO
When: Friday, April 27th – 8:00am
Why: We were called to do it & they have good coffee.
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