Mar 7, 2012

The Integrated Life: Book Review

Just picked up this book and read it on a flight. You can buy it here. The book talks about the different hats we wear throughout the week and the responsibilities we have. The author suggests that many folks live a compartmentalized life. Through the book he shares the idea of a life where those compartments don’t exist; he calls it The Integrated Life. He shares the efficiency, the value and the fulfillment of working your faith into every part of your life and creating one hat that suits us all the time. This leads to a more productive and more rewarding life.

John 10:10 comes to mind. Christ came that we might have life, and that we would have it more abundantly.

I loved this book and I believe the message was right on. I have had the joy of giving three copies away since I read it. Please consider picking this up. The folks who wrote it are making a difference, not just through the book but in a big way here: Living Stones Foundation

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