Sep 22, 2010

"Chance Favors the Connected Mind"

Stephen Johnson discusses where good ideas come from. He suggests that working together and being connected allows folks to be more innovative. According to Stephen, an idea isn't a lightbulb moment or a eureka moment, but is a network. Managing your finances effectively and saving taxes can't happen in an instant either. It takes connections and professionals who are willing to consult with one another to come up with the very best ideas to simplify your finances and save you money. At lunch with a local estate planning attorney today we talked about the fact that many of the most effective tools available to estate planners in years past have been eliminated by recent legislation. Philanthropic planning will be a growing area of interest for many clients.

As congress works through a massive agenda at the end of this year, Americans will wait to hear how new legislation will affect them. The expiration of Bush's tax cuts, the estate tax and step up in basis, new costs of healthcare... There are plenty of uncertainties. Now is the time to engage and to connect with a network of folks who can work together to maximize your finances.
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