Mar 9, 2010

Poking Fun

I could not resist sharing this commercial from Scottrade. They are pushing their $7 trades and in the process, picking on Brokers (read financial salesman). I love the part in the very beginning where he stumbles over the client name, which is Doug. Later he looks through his crystal ball and says, "Our focus is on you Dan."

Scottrade is poking fun at the stereotype broker that most investors have gotten far too accustomed to. There are investors that enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal and keeping up with stocks and bonds. They are passionate about making sure their finances are in order. For these types of folks, Scottrade may offer some real benefits. There are other individuals that want a financial planner who will act as a Fiduciary and will offer a consultative approach, working with other trusted advisors to maximize their finances. To find a Certified Financial Planner (TM), visit

I will leave you with one more funny commercial:

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